St Ann's Bridge Therapy

We are designating  Wednesday, June 5th as GUEST DAY @ St. Ann’s Bridge Therapy!  EVERY ACTIVE MEMBER is asked to –INVITE A GUEST and SIGN UP NOW – for both yourself and your guest at FREE PLAY will be given to both HOST and GUEST. Partner with your guest, game time 3:45pm. Active Members are still welcome to come alone, pay and draw for a Partner As usual. There will be Teatime Refreshments. Please make this a successful event!

Thanks, Jay King, Manager
This is a List of all People who have indicated that they will be playing in the next game.  If you are not on this list please complete the form under "Contact Us" If you are on the list and you must cancel and can't attend then please send an email by clicking on the email link at the bottom of the page or call us.